Sunday, September 9, 2012

Simply B Photos by Amy Earle

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Amy is an amazing person.
She takes beautiful photos.
She teaches how to use your camera.
Even better, how to edit your photos.

I was lucky enough to take a Photoshop Class online.
I was wondering how that would work.
But she has it down pat.

The class was very information.
And my intention is to write a whole blog about that alone.
After the giveaway.
But I assure you, there is nothing but RAVE REVIEWS!

She is down to earth, easy to talk to, and will make you understand so much!

Let me give you some details about this wonderful prize...

Prize: A Day with Amy: Photography Workshop ONLINE
{no special equipment needed}
When: November 15-17
What: During this 3 day class, the winner will learn how to tell a story with their
images and capture images that their family will treasure for a lifetime.
They will also learn how to find great light both indoors and out.
They will learn about and understand aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
and how to use them together to get beautiful exposure for their images.
They will be able to stop using AUTO and start using their camera to its fullest potential!
Value: $200
About Amy:  A little about me? 
I'm Amy. I'm married to the perfect man for me. We've got 4 kiddos ages 3-16.
We homeschool. We're a proud military family.
We've lived in Alaska forever and just moved to Florida and we love it here.
I own Simply b Photos by Amy Earle. I love capturing moments for families.
My passion is in teaching.
My favorite quote: "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."
Hans Christian Anderson.

Honestly, I wish I could take the class!
I have a feeling I would finally learn how to shoot outside of AUTO.
{eeer...yes I admit to still shooting in AUTO about 75% of the time}

Make sure you get full points by doing all of the requirements!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is definitely a class you would like to take if you value your photos!
Learn how to be a great family photographer and capture all those sweet moments.

Thank you for supporting and taking part of the {SIG} Creations 3000 Fan Giveaway!

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Linda said...

I would love to learn how to shoot outside of Auto on my Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera. I would especially like to learn more about indoor lighting & shooting in dim conditions.

Amber said...

I would love to learn to shoot out of Auto

Anonymous said...

How to use more functions on my Canon Rebel for better pictures, indoor & outdoor. How to use Photoshop too!

Jennifer D said...

Even though I have books to look at, I learn better from doing things hands on and being shown/explained things by an actual person. I've taken Amy's photoshop class and it was amazing! I really would love to take her online photography class so that I can get out of that pesky Auto mode and use my camera to it's full potential

heather, brent and the babies said...

Oh my. I NEED this class and would absolutely love to learn more about photography and my camera!!

Amy Magrini said...

I need this class so that I can learn how to edit pictures of my boys!!!!

Cyndylee said...

Would love to learn more

Melanie Patterson said...

This is just what I NEEEEED! With three kiddos and a little side thingy, I could make wonderful memories. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity!!

Tika said...

I am very excited about this prize and have a new camera I would love to learn more about using!

madalyn and cole said...

This sounds AWESOME!!! Always wanting to learn more about my Nikon DSLR

Miss Aurora said...

I would love to learn to edit my pictures better, and take my business to the next level! :)

Jessica Vega said...

I would love to learn beyond the beauty of behind the camera :)

Andrea said...

I would love to learn how to use my camera off the auto function!

Naomi said...

I want to learn how to use my camera in manual so that I can do things that would change the look of the photograph that I wouldn't be able to do in AUTO. I also want to learn how to shoot in different lighting conditions. One of my main problems with photography is lighting and I think her class would help a lot!

Krystal said...

Amy took some wonderful maternity pictures of me and my husband when I was pregnant. I would love to learn from her!

Ginny H said...

I feel like we love to take photos, but they don't have that extra special spark of professional photographers. We have a high quality camera, too! I want to know how to get that spark.

Kellie Lipe said...

always wanting to learn more!!

Lisa said...

I have two girls that I love to take pictures of....I would love to get better and have clearer memories!

pmh said...

After an accident several years ago, Ihave forgotten all I ever knew about photography and feel this would be exceptionally beneficial as I have once again picked the camera up... thanks for the opportunity

Abigail Leigh said...

I'm trying to learn everything that I can from books and online videos and I feel like I've gotten a grasp on using my camera in manual but there are always those little helpful hints to get my pictures to look better and more professional that I think Amy can help me with.

disneyfanheather said...

I would love to learn more about lighting and shooting in manual!

Krista Marie said...

I would love to learn how to shoot in sunlight since my daughter is a model on facebook!!

Carmen A said...

Like you said, would love to learn the other settings on my camera, not just auto: ) Plus I am a SAHM and have four beautiful kids and learning how to photograph them would be a big savings!

AmyLynn said...

I would love to learn how to actually use my camera without using auto! :)

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