Sunday, July 8, 2012

Introducing the Millie Tote

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I think we really {love} the Millie "style".
So much so that we made the Millie Skirt in to the Millie Tote.
It was just a moment when Andrea and I connected.
{yeah, cheesy...but we even got goosebumps}

I think we are still in awe at how well it came out.
Of course, all sewing/construction credit goes to
the fabulous Miss Andrea because she made my vision a reality!

GAWD...I love where the {SIG} tag is!

Isn't it the perfect size?
I'm tellin' ya, even teenagers love this one!

This week, we will have a free tutorial on how to make
your Millie Skirt Pattern work in to the Millie Tote.
The only thing is you need the Millie Skirt Toddler eBook.
You can purchase that pattern HERE.

It's a great deal, make a skirt and a tote/purse out of one pattern.
Skirt for {itty bitty} and the tote/purse for you.

Wondering what that fabulous fabric is?
Joel Dewberry Aviary Collection.
You can purchase some from our sponsor, Southern Fabric.

Check out the Aviary goodies HERE.
Gotta say, this would look stunning in the brown palette.

Wanna know something even better?

That gorgeous tote/purse pictured above.
Yep, that one.
YOU will have a chance to WIN it for FREE!

Tell me that isn't awesome?
I want it.
Gonna be hard to let it go.
But it will be worth it!

You MUST stay tuned!
Go have your wonderful family day and be back tomorrow.
Happy Sunday my peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations

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