Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{52 Dresses} Project

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Jana is a sewing companion.
Albeit, we are miles apart,
we share the same love for sewing.

She introduced me to Amy from Simply B Photos
and even told me about a little project that Amy is doing.
It is called {52 Dresses} and this is her SECOND year to do it.

Basically, she is featuring 1 boutique artist per week for a year.
We have the option to give away the dress we send her OR
we can give the dress to a great cause, going to South Africa,
and offer a gift certificate for our store in lieu of the dress.
{read more about the project HERE}

How could I not get in on this awesomeness?
I contacted Amy immediately after Jana told me about this.
{oh, you can check out Jana's goodies at JMarie Designs}

And now we are slated for the 7th week of this year's {52 Dresses}.
I have a feeling it won't be our only week.
The idea of little girls in South Africa getting pretty dresses
just melts my heart and makes me excited!

So, I have finally figured out what I am going to do.
We will be featuring the newest pattern to the {SIG} family.

The Lizzie Peasant Dress

It is a super sweet dress featuring 3/4 sleeves with ties, 
a beautiful ruffle trim at the bottom and a sash to match.
{this photo is from the Halloween Mini Collection photo shoot}

I am super stoked about the fabric I chose.
Jennifer Paganelli, Super Fly...O.M.G.
This stuff is fabulous!

I have ordered 4 yards of this collection.
Dying to get it.
Can't wait.
Gonna flip when my hands get on it.

That is the whole collection.
The colors are amazing.
Jennifer Paganelli has the most vibrant prints.

And I'm not gonna tell you what combos I got.
It will be a surprise.
If I can stand to keep it a secret.

I am so excited about {52 Dresses}.
And if you sew and would like to donate,
contact Amy about it.
What a wonderful thing to be a part of!

Speaking of dresses,
I have a few I need to work on.
Tomorrow, I promise a post about the Halloween Collection
and the photo shoot that we did on Sunday.
Fun stuff!

Happy Wednesday peeps!
{SIG}nature Creations


Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! I can't wait to see what you make! You are amazing!!

Astrid said...

I am so very excited! Thank YOU for the opportunity!


Jana M. said...

YAY!!! So excited to see what you come up with, Astrid.

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