Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bachelorette ~ The Final TWO!

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Gotta say, I am proud of that girl.
She stuck by her principles and didn't do any overnights.
I was worried that she wouldn't.
And after all her talk about being a good girl,
she actually is which is a breath of fresh air.

I am actually even more impressed with Jef.
Cuz he turned her down.
Well, you know what I mean.
He wanted to respect her so he told her before she could tell him.
Good boy!

As for Arie, she was smart.
They do have quite the physical connection.
Rather than play with fire, she left it alone not even offering him the card.

Then there was Sean.
I've never understood the connection.
I know he is "perfect" but sometimes that isn't good enough.
Their relationship pales in comparison to Jef and Arie.

Honestly, I thought she was going to take good ol' Sean to the end.
Well, not the end end but to the final 2.
He just seemed to be a "safe" choice.

I was HOPING for an Arie/Jef final 2.
I just didn't know if she would really follow her heart.
She has one hell of a decision between those 2 boys.

I mean, look at the chemistry between her and Arie.
It is undeniable.
Does she follow that intense attraction?

Or does she go for Jef?
Ya know, I have a thing for him.
He is just so absolutely cute and sweet and a little wild.
Just enough.
And I have said it before.
I like how he played hard to get at the beginning.
That was a good move.

Oh Sean.
I'm so sorry you put your heart on the line.
And I know that Emily didn't make it easy.
Because looking at your last date, it seemed like she was totally in to you.

But alas, your time has ended.
I don't think you will be single for long.
I'm sure the girls are lining up! prediction.
This is a hard one.
Both boys are amazing.
They are very different.
Emily is going to have a tough choice.
But my bet is on Jef.

He just seems to be a better fit all the way around.
And Emily is looking for that.

I would love to see Arie at the end but I just don't think Emily
will take that chance...kind of what she had with Brad.
Mad chemistry.

Arie...I'll take you in a heartbeat.
oops, don't tell my hubs that, hehe

Can't wait for next week.
Is Ryan for real???
I wanna see what he has to say.

That's it!
If you got through all this,
don't forget to enter to win the Millie Tote!
You may enter through midnight tonight!
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