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{SIG} Travel Wallet Tutorial

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Time for the final tutorial in the Millie Tote series!

So far in this series we have:

~ Turned the {SIG} Millie Skirt Pattern into the Millie Tote
~ Created a matching key fob to hook onto the Millie Tote's d-ring

and now you can create this fab {SIG} Travel Wallet!

This cutie will also clip right into your Millie Tote
hook onto your keys for easy carrying while out and about!
This would be fantastic to keep on hand during your travels,
quick trips or shopping excursions!
It will hold a good amount of folded bills, cards and change...
all safe and secure and small enough for your pocket!

So let's get to it!
(Remember, you can click on any of these pics to enlarge!)

Gather your materials:

~ (2) 9.5" x 5.25" pieces of fabric 
~ (2) 3.5" x 5.25" pieces of fabric
~ (1) 2" x 2.5" piece of fabric
(I used coordinating fabrics, but you can use all the same fabric if you like)
~ (2) 9.25" x 5" pieces of light to medium weight interfacing
~ (1) 3.25" x 5" pieces of light to medium weight interfacing
~ 1.5" length of velcro
~ purse strap clip
(clips usually come 2 to a pack, so use the extra one from your key fob creation!)
~ zipper (at least 6" long)

Go ahead and add the interfacing to the two largest pieces
and one of the 3.5" x 5.25" pieces.
Follow manufacturer's instructions for the interfacing.
I also shared step-by-step details for this in the Millie Tote tutorial.

Now, lay your two large pieces on top of each other,
right sides together, and stitch with
1/4" seam allowance along the two long sides
and one of the short sides.
Clip sewn corners and turn right side out,
using a sharp instrument (chopstick, knitting needle, etc.)
to poke out the corners to make them nice and square.
At this time, get your smallest piece of fabric
and fold it in half with the 2.5" together 
and sew along that long side at 1/4".
Turn it right side out.
Press both pieces.

Fold the open end of the large piece inwards
about 1/2" and press the edge.
Stitch open end closed, close to the edge. 

Grab that little tab that you have created,
insert it through the purse clip
and stitch closely to the raw ends.
The stitching here is just to hold it in place while attaching it.

Place the raw edge of the stitched tab
along the short edge of one of the
smaller rectangles, centering it.
Lay the other rectangle on top of the first,
sandwiching the clip in between.
Pin through all layers to hold the clip/tab in place while sewing.
Sew with 1/4" seam allowance along the two short sides
and one long edge of the "sandwich".

Clip sewn corners, turn right side out,
poke corners out and press flat.
You now have the two main parts of the wallet! 

Time for some zipper fun!

Grab the larger piece and lay the end that you folded
in and closed up a minute ago alongside the zipper.
Align one corner of the fabric about
1/4" beyond the start of the zipper.
You can carefully pin the zipper to the fabric here
if you need help holding it in place
or just head to the machine and start stitching
(closely to the edge)!
I use the setting on my machine that shifts the needle to the far left.
This lets you get much closer to the edge.
You can also use a zipper foot if your machine doesn't do this.

Now, lay the long side of your smaller rectangle along the other side of the zipper.
Align it with the piece on the left, pin if necessary and stitch close to the edge.

You have just attached a nifty and functional zipper! Yay!

Flip your whole piece over to the back side.
Fold the smaller rectangle over on top of the larger one,
which will place the zipper at the bottom of the fold.
Get this as flat and even as possible
and place a pin in the middle to hold.
Stitch about 1/8" above the raw edge of your small rectangle.

Trim off excess zipper from both ends, as close as possible.

Fold the zippered compartment up and over again
along the line you just stitched.
This stitched line will be the bottom of your wallet.

Now we need to attach the Velcro.
Place one half of the Velcro below the zipper about 1/4",
centering it along the width.
Hold your Velcro in place with one hand
and CAREFULLY unzip the zipper...but NOT all the way!
If you unzip all the way at this point, 
the zipper will come off and you will have to try to reattach it.
Save yourself that trouble...
pull it back most of the way and fold it down to lock it.
You will now stitch around the edges of the Velcro,
making sure that you are only stitching through
the FIRST layer of the compartment.
After it is sewn on, you can close your zipper back up.

Place the other half of your Velcro on the underside of
the wallet's flap and align it with the first piece.
Stitch it in place.
You are so close to being done now!

With your wallet in this position,
make sure all your sides are aligned and flush and place a pin through the middle of it to keep everything straight.
Stitch close to the edge along the two sides of the wallet,
making sure to stitch back and forth over
the zipper ends a couple of times for reinforcement.

Fold that flap closed and you have yourself some major cuteness!

Now clip it into your matching Millie Tote!

How pretty!

You CAN do this...
and you will be so proud to show off your talent!

Thank you for following along with our Millie Tote Tutorial series.
I love being able to help you realize your potential!


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