Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One day...

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Life won't be so hectic.
I am lying to both you & myself.
Seems as though I feel I write a post and then a whole week goes by with nothing.

And my intention is to blog at least 3-4 times a week.
But then there are the triplets.
Real life.
That are quite demanding I might add.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for the world.
I love my precious babies!
But they make it hard to work when they are around.

And that is a certain truth.

As with all things life, you have to rearrange and prioritize.
I am in the midst of doing that.
My son, who got very ill at 9.5 months old, is in need of more therapy.

He is speech delayed.
Has some fine motor function challenges.
But, is cognitively on target, even reading before 4.

Fitting in the extra is going to be a challenge.
It means letting go of certain things I do for myself.
Or waking up earlier to get those accomplished.

And I am ready for the challenge.
To get things going here on the blog.
Gawd, I have so many ideas!

Party Ideas.

Yep, you name it, I'm jotting it down.
I figure if I have to prioritize, I may as well do a clean sweep!

Here is a peak at something we have been playing with.
The creative juices do keep moving.

Eh, and I got to play with a new picture editing program on my phone.
Win-win situation in my opinion!
These Converse have been blinged, repurposed actually.
My girls weren't wearing them anymore and Diana (a friend)
approached me about doing this.

I'm always looking for a new facet to add to the business!
We have some practice orders to perfect our technique.
Time to find the Chucks & get going!

And, this post isn't about a pity party.
It is about waking up and seizing the moment.
We only have so much time to do things.
What is important to you?
Is it a priority?

Maybe it is time.
Just sayin'...

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