Saturday, March 24, 2012

Felt Banner Tutorial

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Teacher Appreciation Week starts on Monday.
The kids' preschool decided on a "Wild About You" theme.
And I couldn't be more excited!

Not only do I get to make some great stuff, but {SIG} is officially sponsoring
the events of the week.
I will be making 4 skinny scarves to give away as
well as this banner to hang in the hallway.

Animal print is so much fun!
This is super easy but it is a little time consuming.
For this banner, I will spell out...

"We are WILD about you"

Let's get a list of materials we will need.

~ Stiff felt 12" x 18" ( needed several sheets since it is 1 letter per piece and 1 spacer)
~ Soft felt 8" x 12" (again pick your choice of colors)
~ Pom Poms (several yards, depending on how long your banner is)
~ Scissors
~ Hot Glue Gun

Let's get this banner going!

First, using Word, you will create your letters by using Word Art.
I mad the letters lowercase at 400 size.
Print them and cut them out.
These are your templates.

Now we are going to trace the letters on to the soft felt BACKWARDS.
Cut those babies out!

You have all your letters ready to go.
Let's take 1 sheet of hard felt.
You will mark across the top at 4.5" and 13.5".
On the bottom, make a mark at 9".

Draw a line from the left corner of the bottom to the 4.5" mark.
Then from the 4.5" mark to the 9" mark on bottom.
Again from the 9" to the 13.5".
Finally from the 13.5" to the bottom right corner.

Cut along the lines and you will have 3 triangle banner pieces.
Do enough for each letter PLUS spacers (blank banner to separate the words).

Using your hot glue gun, glue each letter to the banner piece.

Put all your words in order and your spacers in the right place.
Get those pom poms out and ready to glue.
Using your hot glue gun, you will put glue along the top of each piece.
Connect all the pieces together.

Once you glue the pom poms across all your pieces,
your project is complete and ready to hang!

 Isn't it the prettiest?
Just imagine the possibilities.
All the holidays.
Special occasions.
Teach Appreciation Week.

The list goes on and on and on!
Use different color felt to match the holidays.
Add a shape to the spacers such as a star or flower.

What ideas do you have?
What do you want to create with this tutorial?
Leave a comment!
I wanna know!

Happy Saturday Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations


Anonymous said...

How freaking cute! Great idea...and u are right-possibilities are endless;0) -Suzanne Pate

erdaisy08 said...

Awesome! My grand daughters 1st bday is April 1 guess what I am making

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