Friday, March 23, 2012

"Bling" on the Converse

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I am so stinkin' excited about the new {SIG} accessory!
There are a ton of possibilities BUT...
we want to keep it affordable.

I went on a research mission and blinged out Converse cost between $60-150.
I just think that is ridiculous!
I mean, $60 isn't so bad but if you are a mom/dad to more than one girl,
that is too much to spend for each.

Unless you won the lottery.
Then you could buy anything!

But I know that isn't the case for the general population.
So, that brings us to pricing our blinged out Converse.
We are trying to stay under $60, about $50-60 based on size.

Toddler Converse can be purchased at about $27, youth at $32.
Unless you catch a great sale!
But then you have to worry about size availability.

It's a tough call!
For now, we are pricing the toddler shoes at $50, youth at $55.
And yes...if you want adult size, we will bling them too!

Aren't they precious?
And we can do any color that is available to us.
My girls have theirs, high tops in pink.

Now, we are still perfecting the process but these will be available before you know it.
One last thing, if you have a pair you would like us to bling,
you can send them to us & for $15 we will do the work!

Time to sew and enjoy some quiet time while the kids are gone.
Happy Friday!
{SIG}nature Creations

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