Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aden Ruffle Trim Pillowcase Dress eBook

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I have so many pattern ideas in my head.
They can't all come out at the same time.
And it is frustrating!

So, when I finally get "in the mood" to pattern write,
I capitalize on that and try to do more than one.
With the trips running around, it is impossible to get it finished in a day or two.

This ruffle trim pillowcase dress has been on my list for a while.
I think the ruffle trim makes all the difference in the world.

See, I am not a fan of PCDs.
I think they are boxy and although I know the appeal is that it can be worn
as a dress at the beginning and then turn in to a cute top,
I much rather make my girls a peasant dress or skirt.

But that is just me talkin'.
And don't let that fool ya because my girls have this particular style PCD in their closet.
After all, the ruffle makes it special!

There are a couple of tricks in this pattern that I really like.
One has to do with the neck line.
I bet you have gotten a PCD that the ribbon or sash slips through the casing.

Look no further.
That will not be a problem with this beauty!

Also, in the coming weeks, I will be showing you how to embellish
your PCD using this pattern or any PCD pattern you may have.

But I'm telling you, from the words of my testers...

"This is one of the best patterns I have done...and I have
searched for PCD patterns for years now!!!  GENIUS I SAY!"
~ Jana from J.Marie Designs ~

"Wonderful pattern!  Directions were easy to follow and the
finished product came out looking very nice!"
~ Amie B, Mommy Sewer ~

"This pattern is so simple, has easy to follow instructions, and great visuals,
as do all of Astrid's patterns!  You can easily do this pattern from start to 
finish in one afternoon, and you end up with a great, professional looking
product, because of Astrid's attention to detail!  I love SIG patterns!"
~ Talia S, Mommy Sewer ~

The new Aden Ruffle Trim Pillowcase Dress eBook is now available
in the {SIG} Etsy store so if you love it, support a triplet momma and her crew!
And, watch for some embellishing tutorials!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

{SIG}nature Creations

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