Thursday, March 8, 2012

Amalie Ruffle Bloomers eBook

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When I get to pattern writing, my hope is to do at least 2 at a time.
Along with the precious Aden Ruffle Trim Pillowcase Dress,
I decided to tackle our ruffle bloomers.

These 2 patterns make for a complete set!

{yep, I will be doing some tutorials to show you how to spruce up
both the Aden PCD and the Amalie bloomers}

Or, you can just purchase the Amalie Ruffle Bloomers for your collection.
After all, it is the perfect piece to place under any dress.

But if you think that is all it can be used for,
you are soooooo wrong!

These bloomers can be a stand alone piece.
Picking the right fabric such as these prints by Michael Miller.
Who doesn't love a little bit of sweetness in their life?

But best of all, this is the perfect pattern for beginners.
From what beginner sewing testers told me, it takes no time at all even the first time.
The experienced sewers said that it took no more than 15 minutes
from the first cut to the finished product.

Now that is what I call simple!

Pair the bloomers with a bib shirt and you have the perfect summer outfit!
Now available in the {SIG} Etsy Store for purchase.

Look what my testers of the pattern say...

"This is a great beginner pattern for anyone who would like to have that perfect bloomer for under a dress. Very quick to do and simple instructions! Pair this with a cute pinafore for a fabulous spring and summer outfit! I love it!"
~ Talia S, Mommy Sewer ~

"Such a great pattern for a girl! These will be great under a dress (pillowcase or any other), but I love them as a stand alone as a girly version of shorts!! The pattern is super easy, great beginner project. From cut to finish took me less than an hour with my first one! I am glad to have found something that I can throw together quick and easy for my girl! I can't wait to start experimenting with different fabrics to see what looks I can get. Your finished products look so great, its hard to believe how easy you can make them for us at home!"
~ Tanyia, Mommy Sewer ~

And I have to say that I absolutely LOVE 
\to see what my customers make from the patterns.
Please feel free to share your creations on our Facebook page.

Much love!

{SIG}nature Creations

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