Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

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This past week at the kids' preschool, they celebrated Dr. Seuss.
We already had 2 Dr. Seuss outfits so I only had
to make one more to complete the whole week.

Monday, as seen in the Initial Applique Shirt Tutorial,
the kids got to wear new outfits.
I made simple Susi skirts for the girls.
{it seems the girls love these skirts the best as they can move freely in them}
For Ian, I made simple {SIG} pants.

They absolutely LOVED the initial shirts!
And I tend to shy away from them since I resell much of what I make them.

There you have Monday's outfits.
Time for Tuesday!

Last year, we did a Dr. Seuss themed 3rd birthday party for the kids.
Of course I made special outfits.
We even had a photography session with Candace, our fave photog.

I was a bit weary that the shirt would no longer fit Ian.
But alas, I was wrong!
And the girls' dresses fit perfectly.

Yay for boutique clothing!

This photo cracks me up!
Sofi was trying to be all "model" on me.
Ian, totally uninterested.
Gabi, being the sweet gal she is.

Here is the low down on the outfits.

Ian is wearing a bowling shirt, a pattern I picked up from Scientific Seamstress.
This was a fun shirt to make but you have to be pretty good behind the machine!
Definitely a pattern for an intermediate to experienced sewer.

Gabi wore an apron knot dress.
This is a {SIG} pattern but I have yet to actually make the eBook.
Don't worry, it is on the list!
Her pants are the Lillie Bell Mega Ruffle Pants by {SIG}.

Finally we have Miss Sofi.
Another hybrid pattern, this is a peasant dress top half and a tiered body.
Super twirl factor, CHECK!
Pants again are the mega ruffle but I altered it for an even bigger ruffle on bottom.

And finally, we had our last day at school, Wednesday.
We busted out The Grinch outfits from Christmas.
After all, it is by Dr. Seuss!

The girls are wearing the Lily Roo Peasant Dress by {SIG}.
Yep, another pattern in the works.
These dresses were actually the test dresses for the pattern.
The girls LOVE the pockets!
For pants, I just did basic Presley Ruffle Pants.

Ian wore basic {SIG} pants and a Grinch applique shirt from Lily Lou Designs.
Staci, the owner of Lily Lou, is our partner in sewing crime.
It is the perfect combo!

There you have it.
The week of Dr. Seuss!

We hope you have enjoyed your week!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
{SIG}nature Creations

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