Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maysen Hi-Lo Dress

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We all know the hi-lo dress or skirt is very popular right now.
From casual to formal, this dress has lots of style!
Celebrities are wearing them for every occasion.

I am trying to learn how to style watch.
Follow trends.
Design from that point.

And then create a pattern.
For a little girl.
That gives her a little "oomph" but still keeps her covered.

I had a trial run but didn't like the bodice much.

And I received quite a bit of feedback from my gals in
the {SIG} Creations Patterns group on Facebook.
The skirt also needed to have more volume.

But volume can be a challenge if you want to keep it cost effective.
Most longer dresses eat up fabric very easily.
This makes it not affordable for boutique seamstresses to make.

Taking all that in to consideration,
I went to bed that night and my brain would not shut off.
Low and behold, my dreams held my answer.

Eager to get up the next morning, I sketched a couple of alternative bodices.
Finally, I settled on tweaking an existing pattern,
cutting off one sleeve, making it a one-shoulder bodice.

The result makes me smile!
Sofi loved it as well as if you couldn't tell by the photos!
I couldn't stop there.

I have decided this dress will have 4 sleeve options and instructions for a tie
on the opposite shoulder for those that are a bit more conservative.
Of course, I had to sew out another one, with the 3/4 length sleeve.

I have to wait patiently for one of my girls to come home.
I want to see that sleeve draped on an actual arm!
So exciting!!!

Now, comes time to start drafting all the sizes.
Then it will be time to write the pattern.
Oh what fun this is!

But I think you will be pleased when the pattern comes out.
I will even add the sash tutorial in the pattern.
What an amazing little dress.

{SIG}nature Creations

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Raina said...

Love this pattern, cannot wait for it to be released! Genius! (as always) Your patterns are so well written and easy to follow, I have more of them in my collection than any other designer. Keep up the great work!!!

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