Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mammograms ARE important!

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Nope, not sewing related but important none the less.
And I am not ashamed.
I had to do the deed.

The boob smooshing deed.
Yep, a mammogram.
I'm almost at the age where it become annual.

But this is my 5th one.
That means there is history.
One I don't mind sharing if it encourages all women to take preventative measures!

I was 26.
Young & carefree.
Living in beautiful Austin, TX.

And like a good girl, I was doing self breast exams.
To my surprise, I discovered a lump.
After a mammogram and ultrasound, the lump was confirmed.
{did i mention this happened on my BIRTHDAY?  yeah, good times.}

A needle aspiration found it to be benign.
We decided to take no further action. grew in size.

Fast foward 18 months.
90 pounds lost.
And the darn lump was indeed bigger.

Which meant another mammo.
Another ultrasound.
Another needle aspiration.

AND, surgery.
A lumpectomy.
The darn lump grew to be 4 times its original size.


But, the news came back as benign.
Thank God for little favors.
But it was a wake up call.

Since then, I have had 3 more.
Totally worth it.
Today was just another routine visit.
{crossing fingers for good results}

So I walked up 3 flight of stairs.
Trying to be health conscious.
It's a good thing.

And then I got to put on the gown.
Ain't I sexaaaaaay?!?
I'm thinking the gowns need some serious {SIG} intervention!

So much has changed since my first one.
This time there were only 8 images taken.
It took 15 minutes.

It didn't even hurt to smoosh the boobies.
They will thank me later.
So will my family.

Now, have YOU had one yet?
Check out the guidelines for age and recommendations of frequency HERE.
Most importantly, be proactive.

Do those monthly breast exams.
Fondle those babies.
It is for a good cause.

Get to it!
Happy Wednesday, Peeps!

{SIG}nature Creations


Phyllis said...

You are so right about the mammograms! I had my annual one in March. Okay, figured everything was okay as usual. Got a call to come back in for a closer look. Then it was decided to do a biopsy since the Dr. couldn't tell for sure. Not so good news, cancer, but contained and found very early. It wasn't anything that I would have been able to detect. So had the surgery and am now on day 4 of radiation. So glad it was found early. That's why it is SO important to do this every year.

Astrid said...

Phyllis, thank you for commenting! I am so sorry you are fighting the cancer battle. You will be in my thoughts & prayers!


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