Friday, June 7, 2013

$5 Friday ~ Poppy Maxi Dress

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Today I start a new marketing plan!
Away with the percent off sales.
It is just too hard to keep up with.

And who doesn't love a $5 pattern?
That is $2 off.
Better yet, if the pattern is available in 2 or more size styles,
you get them each for $5 for a potential savings up to $6!

Not such a bad deal, huh?

The best part is that this pattern can easily be shortened to your liking.
Easy peasy!

Add ribbon trim.
An extra ruffle.

The possibilities are endless!

Let me tell you my inspiration behind this.
I wanted a maxi for my girls.
One that wouldn't eat up a lot of fabric.
One with a cute v-neck type bodice.
Open in the back.
Big bow.
Totally girly but affordable.

I got to sketching.
I made the first one quickly.
It was suppose to be for another customer.
She never got it.
 Sofi claimed it immediately!

The design was a hit.
She absolutely loved that it was long.
And honestly, I did too.

Then the orders started coming in.
One in particular, for a backyard wedding.
And the bride gave me creative freedom.

Burlap anyone?
Perfect combo!

That may be my all time favorite creation to date!
And now you can get creative with it as well.
Oh, do share photos.

To purchase, just click on the links below!

{SIG} Poppy Maxi Dress Toddler - size 12 month to 5
{SIG} Poppy Maxi Dress Tween - size 6 to 14 youth

Be on the lookout for pattern releases today!
The new Paige Dress based off of an existing tank or shirt is great for a beginner.
And the Olivia Knot Dress, with a twist or 2!

Lastly, come join us in the {SIG} Creations Patterns group on Facebook.
See you there!
{SIG}nature Creations

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Litapples Mom said...

I need this dress, any chance the shop will reopen? :(

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