Monday, May 7, 2012

Susi Skirt Series ~ Adding a Flat Fabric Trim

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Let's get this show on the road!
You have seen us make Susi Skirts with a flat fabric trim before.
Sometimes it is because we have a cute coordinating fabric,
other times because we don't have enough length to make the
Susi skirt out of one piece.

Either way, this solves the problem!

I will be constructing a size 18 month Susi skirt today.
My problem is that I didn't have enough of the original fabric
to make the length required, about 2" short actually.

For those of you following along, when you cut your fabric,
you will cut it short by 2"-4" depending on the size of the skirt
being constructed OR on how wide you want the trim to be.
My cut should have been 12" long but instead it was 10".

Next, let's go ahead and cut our flat trim piece.
I cut mine to 2.5" to allow for the hem and attaching it to the skirt.

Lay out your main fabric and lay the trim piece on it.
Cut the trim piece to the same width as your skirt piece.

**Continue to make the skirt piece as instructed in the pattern.**
Don't place the elastic in the casing.
Leave that for last!

Press your hem as in the pattern instructions.
I only fold over once at 1/2" since I serge the raw edges.

Serge or straight stitch and then zig zag stitch the seam
of the trim piece or the 2 short ends.
It will end up being a loop.

I serge the raw seam but if you pressed the hem the way
as shown in the eBook, you won't do this part.

Let's top stitch the flat trim so your hem is taken care of.

Line up the back seam of the trim to the back seam of the skirt.
Remember to lay your right sides together.
{that is the pretty side of each fabric}

Serge the trim and the skirt together.
If you are using the sewing machine,
straight stitch at 1/4" seam allowance.

This is what it should look like after you
sew the trim on to the skirt.

Now, with the seam going up toward the waist,
press where the skirt and trim come together.

Let's top stitch around at 1/4".

Your Susi skirt with the flat trim should look like this.

Of course, there is no elastic yet!
Insert the elastic as per the eBook and you are finished!

Super simple and a fun way to add a contrasting fabric to your skirt!
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