Saturday, May 12, 2012

Combining Forces - {SIG} + Sheelin's Attic

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A little while back, I was contacted by an inspiring designer, Nicole.
She believed that {SIG} clothing were top notch and high quality.
{we thank her for believing in us}
And the talks began.

Nicole's head was full of design ideas but alas, she does not sew.
This is where {SIG} comes in to save the day!
We believe quality is of utmost importance.
And so the partnership began.

Nicole LOVES vintage!
She has been on the hunt for vintage fabrics
in her local town in Florida.

She has many connections and has been able
to find some beautiful fabrics,
fabrics that {SIG} would not normally work with.
{growth opportunity for sure}

Then the boxes arrived.
Oh my goodness!
The fabrics, the trims, the sketches.
All beautiful.
All worthy of making your mouth water,
especially if you are a vintage lover!

For the past 5 days,
I have been sewing like crazy.
Getting my hands on these beautiful fabrics.
Learning to work with new material.
Drooling as I see the pieces come together.

I promise you this, you WILL NOT be disappointed!
Let me give you a little taste...

The above 3 photos are from the Sheelin's Attic Fourth of July collection.
Ready to purchase and ready to ship out!
The fabric is soft and amazingly comfortable.
Just ask my girls, they wanted to keep them on!

Above is the Millie Skirt made of a satin type fabric with hot pink bows.
Oh so pretty!

This venture together is going to be amazing!
You will be able to purchase directly from Sheelin's Attic
once Nicole gets the Facebook Fan page and website up.

And so you know, most of these are OOAK pieces.
If you love it, snag it.
There may not be another chance.
After all, it IS vintage fabric.

That means that it is no longer in print.
Nicole hunted it down.
Loved it.
Snagged it.
Sketched a design.
And we make it come to fruition.

There will also be another line from Sheelin's Closet.
A fall/winter line will make it's debut sometime later this summer.
And you will be able to purchase according to the size you need.

So keep your eyes peeled.
This is a great product.
Great sewing.
Great designs.
And best of all a fabulous partnership has been born!

Happy Saturday Peeps!
{SIG}nature Creations


Anonymous said...

Such a great combination;0) Two of my very favorite creative peeps~combining forces!!!! GORGEOUS!!!-Suzanne Pate

Sheelin's Attic said...

Awwhhh...thanks Suzanne!

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