Thursday, April 12, 2012

Newest Addition ~ The Millie Skirt

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I love when I have creative bursts.
With the kids always around, it doesn't happen as often as I would like.
But the other day, while they were napping,
I was able to sit down and plan for an upcoming photo shoot.

For some reason, the fabric choice (to be a surprise)
inspired me to start sketching and thinking of new skirt ideas.
And was born the Millie Skirt!

I love when an idea on paper comes out better after being made!
I cannot wait to make more of these skirts.
It is perfect for any girly girl out there.

Here are my girls wearing the Millie Skirt.
It is such a girly skirt.
I absolutely adore it!

If you like the bows, Melbows Place is who we use to stock solid colors
but she also makes beautiful custom pieces!

This prototype was made and the sash is a bit long.
I double tied it to make it work.
Makes it look even more feminine.

Can't wait to work on the next design!
I hope everyone
{SIG}nature Creations


Stephanie K. said...

Holy moly! How cute would that be as a top with the sash tied as a halter?!?!? Adorable!

Astrid said...

Stephanie, that would be adorable! AAAAAHHHHH...a new idea!

Cowboygirl3 said...

where is the pattern?

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