Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY Light Box for Product Photography

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I was ready to purchase one.
what was i thinking
Then I did a bit of quick Google research.

Found what a few looked like and said, I can do this myself!
And I don't need to purchase much.

So, if you are looking to showcase some of your pretties,
this is the way to do it for less than $5.

Let's get this started!

~ Old box, preferably 12" x 12" x 12"
{I used an old diaper box - FREE}
~ Packing tape or duct tape
{I have packing tape since I ship out items - FREE}
~ White tissue paper
{Had some from b-day party supplies - FREE or $0.99}
~ Exacto Knife
{Had one - FREE}
~ White foam sheet 10" x 18"
{purchased for $0.99}
~ Hot Glue Gun

Gather your supplies and find a table to work on.

You will take your box and using your Exacto Knife, cut out the bottom piece.
Then, leaving about a 1" boarder, cut out "windows" in each side and the top.
Do not cut out the back!

Now it is time to put on your white tissue paper.
Cut out squares that will cover your windows.
Mine were about 3/4" larger than the windows.
Using either packing tape or duct tape, tape down the tissue squares.
I taped around all 4 sides of each piece.

Next, take your foam sheet and using hot glue,
glue it to the back of the box.
I did have to trim about 1/4" off the side of the foam sheet for it to fit.
Since there is no bottom on your box, the sheet will fold out and become the bottom.
And I suppose, if you wanted, you could have left the bottom on there.
I didn't just in case I want to use a different bottom!

And there you have it!
Your very own light box or light tent/photography tent/macro studio.

Check out how well these items photographed in it!
I just used my flash on my camera.
No need for fancy lighting!

The above bracelets are a new accessory coming to {SIG}!
And tomorrow I will host a giveaway for a set of 3 with matching ring!

Check out how pretty Miss Melanie's bows are!
No need to focus on anything else but the cuteness.

Now that is what I call a cheap project.
Makes it look professional!
Best part is if you need a bigger box, you can do it as well.
Instead of using a foam sheet, try a piece of white cardboard.
Still cheap!

Enjoy & Happy Monday Peeps!
{SIG}nature Creations


Jenn said...

Wonder if a sheet of white poster board would work. If so then I have everything I need on hand!! I'm totally trying this later on.

Astrid said...

Jenn, YES! A piece of white poster board would work wonderfully! Now that is what I call a COMPLETELY FREE project!

Amy said...

Awesome!! Your photos always look so good :)

Astrid said...

Thanks Amy!

Renee said...

this is cool. i think i need to make one for my husband!

Angie Briggs said...

I've seen a bunch of tutes for these, but I love this one and have almost all of the supplies on hand (just need to grab the poster board), so I'm gonna give this a whirl. Thank you!

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