Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Ruffled Heart Shirt Tutorial

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Want a cute shirt for your sweet girl on Valentine's Day?
This is the perfect project!

Whether you sew or not, you can still make this shirt.
It can be a simple iron on or you can finish it with a top stitch.
Either way, it will still be adorable!

* Ruffled Fabric (can purchase locally) - 1/4 yard or even less
* Heavy Duty Wonder Under (purchase locally)
* Solid shirt (purchased at Walmart for $3.47)
* Iron
* Sewing Machine (optional)
* Scissors

{As always, click on the pic to enlarge for easy reading.}

Gather all your supplies and place in one area.

Cut out a heart shape to your liking.
I made my fat so there would be longer ruffles.
Also, I like to save my templates by using card stock rather than regular paper.
Place heart on the paper side of the wonder under and trace shape.
Cut around the heart but not directly on the traced line.

Place fabric ruffle side down.
This is the part that gets a little tricky.
You want your ruffles to lay flat and in the correct direct.
{yep, i learned the hard way, this was my 3rd heart...the other 2 met their fate in the trashcan}

Next, iron on the shape on to the fabric.
Make sure the ruffles are going down toward the bottom of the heart.
{I had my iron set on the highest and the fabric was fine.}

Cut around the traced line.
The fabric is shifty so be careful!
I did notice that the ruffles stuck a bit to the wonder under.
I just gently pulled it apart after I cut the shape.

Rip off the paper from the back of your heart.
Place on your shirt.
Take the iron and press on to the shirt.
If you are a non-sewer, this is your last step!
Because we used the HEAVY DUTY wonder under, it should stay in place.

For us sewers, let's keep going.
You will top stitch around the heart at either 1/8" or 1/4", your preference.
You may even want to use a decorative stitch.
Get fancy!

And there you have it, the perfect Valentine's Day shirt!

As you can see, Sofi was extremely happy as was Gabi.

I did make the girls matching ruffled leggings, my first attempt.
They came out pretty cute!
Just don't check the waistband...
no where near perfect but good enough to wear!

Happy Friday Peeps!
Enjoy the weekend and please feel free to
share photos of your finished creations
on our Facebook page or pin this tutorial to
your Pinterest by using the "PIN IT" button at the top.

AND...I will be posting a boy's shirt tutorial tomorrow so come back!

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Rebecca said...

This is awesome! I am going to the store right now to get some of this material to make one for Bekah! Thanks Astrid!

Ami S. said...

Will definetly have to give this a try, Lorali will LOVE the ruffles. LOVING the leggings too, they are TOO CUTE!!

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