Monday, February 13, 2012

Barn Owls and Busy Bees Valentine's Gifts

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Triplets in school = lots of Valentine's gifts
I was at it all morning & afternoon long and I didn't even really "make" anything special.
Enough to be cute but nothing handmade except for the teachers.

I now know to make sure I have the weekend to do these things.
On top of that, the trio didn't nap today.
AND...they didn't sleep well last night.

Yes, that would be me getting up every hour, sometimes twice in an hour.
I even had a 16 oz Redbull.
Um, wings today.

But that doesn't mean I didn't take a ton of pics from what I did.
I also thought I had enough to make all the gifts.
Then I realized I had to make 2 rounds of gifts for one class.

Yep, another trip to the local store for more candy.
But it is all taken care of now and the treats are all ready to go!

Here is the first round of loot along with the 2 printables I used for each class.
Sofi is in the Busy Bees so naturally it was appropriate to use a "Bee Mine" printable!
I got them at Forever Your Prints.
Karen was fabulous to work with and made a whole page of "Bee Mine's".

I got this handy scalloped circle cutter at Joann's on sale a while back.
It has proven to be very useful!

Aren't those bees the cutest?

This would be the stacks for the girls' gifts.
26 total.
Ian's gifts are slightly different.
I didn't want Gabi & Ian's classmates to have the exact same
thing from each of them.

On my second candy run, I found these adorable reusable bags.
They were only $0.99 each!
That is a bargain and perfect to put all the gifts in to take to school tomorrow!

All the Busy Bee's gifts for tomorrow!

Packed up and ready to carry to school.

Gabi's set of Barn Owl gifts.
I used all the pink printables from the collection for her.
They say "Owl always love you."
{shout out to Mirabelle Creations where I found the owl printables}

For Ian, I used the red printables.

All packed up for the Barn Owls' class!
And the teacher gifts are in there as well.
{check out THIS post about the teacher gifts}

Finally finished.
Packed and ready to go.
Excited about my triplets' first Valentine's party.

Don't worry, photos to follow, I promise!
How was your Monday?

{SIG}nature Creations

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Anonymous said...

I want to be like you when I grow up;0) All precious...and OTT in {SIG} style!!! - Suzanne Pate

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