Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bow Board Redo/Tutorial

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Have an old bow board that you don't like?
I did.
Wrong colors.
And I wanted it to be a neutral print to show off the bows.

This is a super easy tutorial that requires barely anything.

Let's get the show on the road, shall we?

~ Old bow board ~
~ Fabric ~
~ Hot glue gun ~
~ Gemstones for decorating ~

As in all tutorials, in order to read the print,
just click on the photo and it will get bigger for you!

Tear old goodies off the board.
If you are starting with a fresh piece of canvas,
you don't have this part to do!

My old bow board had padding so I didn't need to put a new one down.
If you are using a canvas, cut a piece of fleece to the size of the canvas.

Lay your choice of fabric on top.
Cut about 2" wider than the actual canvas.
This allows for you to fold it over the edge.

Fold over fabric and begin to glue down.

I like to do opposite sides to keep the fabric tight.
Then you will fold your corners.

Here is what it looks like all done up with the new fabric!

Grab your ribbon and glue down at the corner.
Stretch across and glue to the opposite corner.

Mark your half way point on all 4 sides.

Notice that I have the ribbon glued at a diagonal?
This is important because it will allow your ribbon to go in the right direction.

Slowly coming together!
I do glue the ribbon to the fabric at the cross points.

Spruce it up by adding gemstones where the ribbon crosses.

And you are finished!
All pretty and ready for bows!

Tell me that isn't a lot of big bows on this board!?!

Please feel free to ask questions.
Or go to our Facebook page and post a photo of your finished board!

Have fun!

{SIG}nature Creations

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