Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clothing Label Tutorial

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Once you read this, you are going to be surprised
at how easy it is to make your own labels.
You don't have to be sewing for anyone but family and friends to be "official".

And let me tell you, I went through quite a few other options before I discovered this.
First, you are going to need inkjet transfer paper.
{I buy mine from Dharma Trading Co. & have both opaque & super soft.}

Next, you need to have Word or Open Office.
Come up with what you would like the label to say.
In my case, I want the company name, the type of fabric used, & sizing.

I made mine through creating a full page label.
Notice that each column has it's own size?
You can also change it so that it is a full page of just one size.

Then you print it out.
Use the best printing option, don't skimp.
This is important because the washing will take it's toll on the label.

I use my handy dandy paper cutter that I kept after I stopped teaching.
Line that puppy up and cut away!

For those of you curious as to how I store my labels, here ya go!
I repurposed this old container by labeling each section for each size.
I even have a generic label for burp cloths and what not.

There ya have it way of making clothing labels.
Now, as soon as I figure out how to make
the clear super soft labels on Word 2010,
I promise to write a separate tutorial for it.

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It ends tomorrow night at midnight!

Chuckin' da duces & hoping we don't get too hammered today by bad weather!

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Janvi said...

Nice collection...Thanks for sharing with us...I really like it... Clothing Labels Company

Kim said...

Okay, crazy you iron your tag onto your clothing, so they are tagless then? I LOVE that idea, right now I use iron-on paper and iron my design onto satin ribbon, very time consuming, and my very own daughter always asks for me to cut the tags out. ;)

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