Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Announcing New {SIG} Patterns

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Everyone needs a break.
Mine was forced since my computer keyboard died.
Isn't that lovely?

But now it is fixed.
And there is so much to write about.

First I want to introduce 2 new patterns in 2 sizes.
That is a total of 4 patterns.

First, we have the {SIG} Presley Ruffle Pants pattern.
This is a great piece to use for the base of any boutique outfit.
It can also be a stand alone piece with a solid shirt.

Great for any beginner!
No need for a serger either.

Next, we have the {SIG} Lillie Bell Mega Ruffle Pants.
These are gorgeous pants but definitely for the experienced sewer!
These pants are the fancy version of the Presley Ruffle Pants and also sport a BIGGER ruffle!

You will need a serger to complete the ruching.
You may also want a ruffling foot which makes gathering the ruching much easier.

Both are currently available in the Etsy store so go check it out!

And Happy New Year...a bit belated!

{SIG}nature Creations

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