Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elastic Waist Measurement Chart

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A {SIG} fan and fellow sewer contacted me this
past weekend with a really good question.
She even offered to PAY me for the answer.

Um, that is rediculous!
Not only did I answer her question which
was what our measurements for elastic waist per size,
I decided to make this cute printable for anyone
else out there wondering the same thing.
{just click to make it bigger, should print out to 8.5" x 11"}

After a Google search, she was right.
No one has published publicly the elastic measurements
they use for their patterns.

This is what we use on all our patterns & clothing.
Never had a complaint on sizing so you shouldn't either!

Enjoy & Happy Printing!

{SIG}nature Creations


Lisa said...

Love this. Thank you! :-)

Astrid said...

Lisa, you are more than welcome!


Rebecca Contreras said...

Thanks so much Astrid for sharing!!! You are the greatest!!!

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