Monday, March 28, 2011

Workforce has been on strike!

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Well, at least 50% of it.
And really, not by choice.
It's called getting sick.
Crummy sick.
Not get out of bed for 2 days sick.

If you know me,
that means really, really sick.

I never stop.
That's just how I am.
For me to run a fever,
its gotta be bad.

So, for the past 2.5 days,
no sewing has been happening on my part.
Thankfully, I have another 50% of the workforce
still up & running.


The problem is thaat 50% is down.
That translates in to 50% cut in production.
And then there is the catch up time.
The next couple of days of not being completely back to full throttle.

But I am almost there.
Thankfully, this happened while
{SIG} is shut down for new orders.
Cuz no way could I have answered emails,
tended to orders,
looked up fabrics,
invoiced anyone,
or anything else that falls under my umbrella to do.

I did appreciate the down time.
I did not appreciate the fever.
The aches.
The pains.
The headache.
The sore throat.


Hopefully I will be fully mended tomorrow.
For now, it is bedtime.
Gotta preserve the body.



Anonymous said...

Take it easy on yourself. I hope you feel better soon.


Jeremy said...

LOVE the new fabric;0)

Jeremy said...

a wonderful team gave me that idea;0) i am actually logged in as my husband!!!

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