Friday, March 11, 2011

Bonjour Paris!

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I've had my eye on this fabric for quite some time.
Didn't know what to think of it but I liked it.
Wasn't sure what I was going to make with it.

Then someone wanted a treasure skirt.
(eh hem, Danielle of Happenings of the Harper Household)
She wanted the pink in a treasure skirt.

I got so excited!
And then I decided to get extra.
And in the red print.

Cuz I was going to make my girls treasure skirts as well.
Love to coordinate them,
especially when it is the same print, different colors.

Now, I have yet to get to the treasure skirt for Danielle.
It's coming, 2 orders down.
I promise!

But I had an emergency.
My little family is going to be the featured family in a local magazine.
What better way to promote {SIG}?

And what were suppose to be treasure skirts,
turned in to Sofi tops.
A necktie.
And 2 beautiful {SIG} blooms.

The pictures NEVER do the fabric justice.
Michael Miller is a fabulous designer.
And I should know by now that when I order something,
it will take my breath away when I get it.

He hasn't failed me yet.
Now, on to getting the kids ready for this family shoot!


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