Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can I get a twirl & a skull with that?

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A little bit of punk.
A little bit of twirly girl
And you get quite the combination.

Skulls are cool.
Especially when you put a girly spin on them.

My twirlies are really full.
On purpose.

What little girl doesn't love to twirl around?
I know both of mine do!

Add that bit of punk in to the mix.
Add a girly color like purple or pink.
It makes everyone happy.

This is really more my style.
Don't get me wrong.
I love the more feminine prints as well.
But this is sure to turn heads.

Even the girliest of girls falls in love.
This dress can be made in any fabric choices.
But you pair this w/ a pair of Chuck Taylors,
my absolute fave,
and you get a throw back to the 80's w/
a twist of 2011.
All rolled up in 1 beautiful outfit!

The real combo is the little girl silhouette
and the punk rock feel.

Oh, gotta add the girly polka dots.
a dash of black & white gingham,
and you have the perfect outfit!


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