Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My inspiration comes in threes...

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Actually in the form of 3 children.
Sofia, Gabriella, & Ian
(aka Sofi, Gabi, Ianchito)

They are the joy of our lives.
Not just ours, but their grandparents as well.
And they are the soul reason I started sewing again.

It all started w/ crafting diaper cakes once upon a long time ago.
I did it for a couple of friends who were expecting.
If you know anything about having triplets, you know they are not cheap.
Making diaper cakes gave me the opportunity to give my friends something heartfelt.

Then it was time for my kids to turn one.
I wanted them to have special outfits but I didn't want to pay $40 x 3 to get them.
I went to Hobby Lobby & picked out tulle to match our theme.
Then I found some bling for shirts.

And I created their b-day outfits.

Including a shirt for Ian.
Not the most original but it worked.
It also started the creative juices.

My friend, MK, was hooked on the tutus.
I made her every color under the sun,
giving me an opportunity to practice.
I added hair bows to the mix.

And then I got my sewing machine out,
to do a "Scarf Along" hosted by Joy's Hope.
Christmas 2009 brought many scarves, of all kinds.
To my family & to new customers.
I was so excited!

Then Santa brought me a nice machine.
The Brother Innovis 1200, used but in great condition!

That is when the serious sewing began.
The pinafore was my first project.
Then pants & twirly skirts.
Pillowcase dresses.
Peasant dresses in all sleeve choices.
A new pant pattern for boys.
Bubble dresses.
Knot dresses.
Apron knot dresses.
Ruffle pants.

The list could go.on.for.ever.
I love every minute of it.
I love the challenge of new fabric & new patterns.
It fits my ADD personality just fine b/c it is really hard to get bored!

I'm always looking for someone to challenge me.
To push me out of my comfort zone.
It's how I function.

And let's not forget my inspirations...
They were the cause, the reason, & will be for the rest of my life.
But most importantly, when it comes to business,
my items are meant to be affordable.
I'm a mom of triplets.
Nothing is EVER cheap.
(M.o.M.s receive a 10% when ordering for their multiples)

I think you will find that my prices are as low,
if not lower,
than most comparable items on Etsy.
And although I hate to toot my own horn,
I have found that my items tend to be of better quality.
Details, details, details...so important to me!

Ok, I think I have talked your ear off.
Thanks for reading!


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