Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adding to Team {SIG}

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Let's face it.
I can't do it all.
I'd like to but then there would have to be 48 hrs in a day.
And that just ain't gonna happen.
No way. No how.

Then what?
Logically, add to the team!
I've been trying to get Andrea on board for some time.
It finally happened.
I just had to bribe her a bit.

A wee little bit.

But it will be worth it in the end.
Andrea is a wonderful friend & a fellow SAH mommy.
She also dabbles in sewing.
Pays attention to details.
And is an overall great person!

She is learning patterns & I hope to get her to write a little sh-peel for the blog.

That's not all.
I've also teamed up w/ Lily Lou Designs.
Another great SAH mom, Staci, does all types of applique items.
She is another that pays attention to details.
Her work is immaculate.
I've been testing it here at home.

Miss Gabi is wearing 1 of several outfits in the new Dandy Damask Collection.
The shirt is made by Staci!

Miss Sofi is proudly wearing her Dandy outfit.
Shirt made by Staci.
She's good, isn't she?

I will still design appliques & lay out the fabric.
The rest is up to Staci.
It is exciting to grow & move forward.

Andrea & Staci are going to allow me to work on new designs.
To make up tutorials.
They are going to give me a little room to breathe.
To focus & to spend some time on family.

I am soooo excited about it!
I hope you are too.


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The Kacal Family said...

Not only I am thrilled for you I am excited for us the customers!!! I love your stuff so very much and look forward to doing LOTS and lots of more business! I recently had a REALLY bad experience buying from a boutique on facebook and it made me appreciate you soooo much! I am glad you are able to be there for your family and also grow this big dream!

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