Sunday, January 9, 2011

Logo History & New Look!

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It's been too long, or so I think.
The honest truth is that Thanksgiving & Christmas exploded in my face.
I had NO IDEA I would be that busy.
Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful but WOW...I was slammed.

On top of that, I did 3 craft shows back to back to back.
It was hard.
But I have learned.
And now I am back.

This time, I'm not only going to be featuring my sale items,
I am going to be doing tutorials (prepping for some patterns I want to make/sell).
I am going to be writing about the ins & outs of being a work at home mom.
About how creative juices flow, etc.
And anything else that comes across my mind through my fingers.

First things first...the new logo.
I have struggled for a long time w/ my logo.
The 1st one was graciously done by an online friend when I first started doing just tutus & diaper cakes.

The only problem w/ the above logo is that I really don't do diaper cakes anymore & although I really like it & will always hold it near to my heart, I needed a fresh look, something more "me".

Then Miss Tiffany did the 2nd one.
I was digging the owls.
Really...even the font, etc.
But owls are very popular.
And I'm not a popular, trend following kind of gal.

(go figure, i do children's clothing, hehe...trendy, it all)

And I must thank Tiffany profusely for putting up w/ my indecisive mood while she was designing.
What a patient gal!

But the truth is, I knew I wanted to design my own.
Have something that meant the whole world to me.
Something I looked at & would remind me of the 4 reasons I wake up every morning.
My husband & my 3 kids.

So, I began to let the wheels turn in my rusty head.
And then it came to me.
I'm a tattoo kind of gal.
I have a few, not too many.

(eh-hem...5, really...that's it)
And I know what I want to get for my kids.

I figure, if it is good enough to be inked on my skin,
then it is good enough to be my logo.

And what is that exactly?
The trinity sign in a circle.

Because Todd & I went on our 1st official date to see P.O.D.
And while I'm not the best Christian in the whole world, this band spoke to both of us.
We cherish every concert we have gone to.
Every CD they have released & they are our BAND.

Our favorite song, for your viewing pleasure & to get to know me a bit better.

If you clicked on the link to P.O.D. then you saw the design in their O.
Funny how almost 10 years ago, Todd & I started dating, our favorite band was P.O.D. and their symbol is/was the trinity sign which stands for the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit...3.
And if you know me, you know we have triplets.

Do you think this was foreshadowing?
I sure do.
That's why I embraced the trinity as my new logo.
It is obvious that we were meant to have triplets.
That 3 would forever be our number.
(i could go on & on about how many more times "3" is present in our lives but i'll spare you, lol)

I opened up Photoshop & went to work w/ the vision unraveling in front of my very own eyes.
The font is Rough Typewriter, totally my style.
The trinity in the circle has been done to look like a sketch, another very "me" thing.
The brackets around SIG have been put there to emphasize the letters which stand for my 3 children.

Sofi, Ian, Gabi

The new banner.

My short tag & what I'll end up using most of the time.

And that is how it came together.
Finally, something near & dear to my heart.
I see it & know it was meant to be mine.
Symbolizing all that I love.
Including the love I put in to the clothes & accessories I make.

So, there you go...a bit of history & a new look.



Staci said...

I love this post. I think it means more when you really do what you want and what's close to your heart. I love the new logo.

Surviving Triplets said...

Thank you Staci! It is very close to my heart & I'm glad I finally buckled down to do it myself.

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