Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Table Runner Sew-Along - Part 2

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Hey ladies!
Are you as excited as I am?
I can't wait to see what fabric you picked out.
Please feel free to share on the {SIG} Facebook Page!

Let's get this Sew-Along started.
Gather all your materials in one place.

Wondering about your overall length?
Let's talk about that.
Get a measuring tape and go to the table you are going to put the runner on.
Measure across the way you want the runner to go.
{mine is 40"}

Get a calculator OR you can do it by hand.
Yes, ladies...we are about to do some MATH.

Now, I stated in the first blog post that table runners normally hang about 6" on each side.
If you are like me, you will want it to hang longer.
Measure how far you would like the runner to hang off of each side.
{i like a 12" or so overhang}
Add that amount times TWO (one for each side)

For me, the math goes like this...

40" + 12" + 12" = 64"

That is approximately the length it will turn out.

Got it?

Let's move on to planning the table runner.
We are going to be cutting 12.5" x 12.5" squares.
These squares will be about 12" squared after we are done.

I went ahead & took my total length, 64" and divided it by 12".
That equals about 5, actually a little more, but I'm not too worried.
That is the number of squares I will be cutting!

You can round up or round down so you have an odd number of squares.
This is important visually but also aesthetically.
Our eye likes odd numbers and centers!

BUT, before we cut, we need to plan the layout.

Notice that I have a center fabric (the chevron) and then I have a directional print.
The pink and white damask will be directional from the center,
meaning that one will be heading to the left, the other to the right.
This will make it a mirror image table runner.
And finally, my red/pink polka dot will be the ends.

Now we get to start cutting!
I will need to cut the following amounts of each fabric and in 12.5" x 12.5" squares.

1 - Red Chevron
2 - Pink Damask
2 - Red/Pink Polka Dot

Lay out your pieces once again in the order you like them.
Double check that all your pieces are the same length & width.
{trust me, I cut one piece wrong}

Iron out your pieces so that they are nice and pretty.
It also makes them easy to work with.

If you are wondering about the back piece, don't worry yet.
We will cut it the next time so we have a more accurate measurement.

Let's get to sewing!

You will notice that I have appliqued a heart on my center panel.
If you like this, please make sure to follow my tutorial HERE.
{and you could make a cute shirt for your kiddo at the same time}
You will need to applique before you start sewing pieces together!

Some ideas for the applique...
double heart
broken heart (heart breaker)

Starting with your last piece, place it pretty side up.
This is called the "right side".
Now, grab the second piece.
If you have a directional print, be careful and make sure it is
placed upside down, right side facing the first piece.

Go to your sewing machine.
Using a 1/4" seam allowance, straight stitch the 2 pieces together.
I like to set my stitch length at 4 mm.

Open up your 2 pieces.

Lay it right side facing up.
Get your next piece (should be the center piece) and
place it on top of the second piece, right sides facing!

Sew your pieces together.

Open up your 3 pieces.

Lay it right side facing up.
Get your forth piece and place it on top of the third piece,
right sides facing!

Sew your pieces together.
{yeah, i forgot the photo for this one}

Open up your 4 pieces.

Lay it right side facing up.
Get your next piece (should be the last piece) and
place it on top of the forth piece, right sides facing!

Sew your pieces together.

If you have 5 panels/blocks, this is it for today!
If you have a longer table runner, you will continue to sew just
as above until you finish.

Isn't this awesome!?!
I want to see what you have done.
Again, please feel free to post on the Facebook Page.

And remember, come back on Wednesday to finish this baby up!
Happy Monday!

{SIG}nature Creations

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