Monday, February 11, 2013

FREE Valentine's Printables by Yaya Design

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Valentine's Day.
Isn't that when we pull out all the crafting tricks?
{um, i don't unless the opportunity this one}

Just a little insight, I'm not much of a crafter.
I like crafting and I really like doing stuff for the kids.
BUT, I'm not a "serious" crafter.

That means, it has to be easy.
And ideas have to be floating out there for me to grab on to.
Or mix in to what I already have in mind.

When I saw this at Pick Your Plum, I knew this was the theme
for Valentine's this year AND I even bought more for other gifting purposes.
Cuz, truth be told, I am a chevron freak.
As much as I am a polka dot freak.

I knew this would be easy to make if I bought the "french fry" containers.
Felt, check.
Hot glue (a must in crafting), check.
Rick rack, check.
Baker's twine (that stuff that is red & white), check.
Goodies to fill, check.

Here are my goodies all laid out.

See those cute chevron printables?
{SIG} teamed up with Melissa, owner of Yaya Design to come up with
some great, FREE printables for you!
{click on the photo to take you to the PDF download}

Now, I don't like to copy, per say.
I do venture off a bit.
For instance, I used pinking shears to cut out the hearts.
I like the detailing and it doesn't take any more effort than regular scissors.

I also have a thing for not using rick rack on chevrons.
So I opted to use it on the natural french fry container.

I also made the teachers/staff at the school some goodies.
If you like the covered button earrings, check out the tutorial to make yours HERE.
And I swear I had one for the covered button bookmarks but I'm at a loss.

I can't find it anywhere!
BUT, it is the same process as the earrings.
Use a bigger covered button, check out HERE for the size.

And you can always go to your local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Joann's.
They always have them & come in smaller quantities.
You should also be able to find those HERE or again, at your local craft store.

Putting it all together and seeing the end result is so cute!
I can't wait to pack up the containers with Valentine's goodies
and let the kids share them with their friends!

Enjoy the printables and happy Valentine's Day!

{SIG}nature Creations


Staci said...

Very cute. Where did you buy the french fry containers at?

Astrid said...

Staci, I got them through Pick Your Plum when they had them at 70% off! I'm sure you could find them otherwise though.

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