Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Table Runner Sew-Along ~ Part 1

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I have been wanting to do a table runner tutorial for a while.
Then someone suggested I do a sew-along.
So I married the 2 ideas in time for Valentine's Day.

Who doesn't love Valentine's decorations?
Especially something you can reuse year after year.
Or even gift to someone special in your life.

This is such a simple table runner.
Once you do this one, you will want one for every holiday!
You can even change it up every time.
And most importantly, any BEGINNER SEWER should be able to make it!

Check out the schedule for our sew-along.
And if you can't make it on those days, no worries!
Just get back to it when you can.

January 28th - Materials Shopping
I'm going to give you a full week to get your fabrics together.
February 4th - Cutting & Sewing Front Piece
We will cut all of our pieces & sew together the front.
February 7th - Sewing Back & Front, Pressing/Finishing
We will sew the back panel together, the front to the back & then finish!

Let's get this sew-along started!
Let's start with some explanation behind table runners.

Table runners are normally used as decorative table coverings.
Everyone has an opinion about how long they should hang over.
And the truth is, it is up to you.
The standard hang length on each side is 6".
{keep that in mind}
I personally like mine to hang a bit longer.

And don't think that your table runner is only
suppose to go on your dining room table!
I use mine on a table wall & then set pictures on top.
Or you can run it along a marble counter top that is used for serving.

Don't limit yourself to the home either!
Think about outside across a picnic table.
At your child's Valentine's Day party at school.
Even a sweet gift for a friend.

I'm curious how YOU would use it!

Now that we have that out of the way,
let's get to our materials list.

~ 3 or 5 fabrics for the top of your table runner.
I am going to use 3, if you want to follow along with me.
You won't need more than 1/2 a yard of each, especially the fabric used for the center piece.
You could also choose to use all fat quarters if you choose to use 5
different fabrics for each section of the table runner.
~ 1 yard of your backing fabric.
~ Rotary cutter, cutting mat, & acrylic ruler
{this is not necessary but makes life MUCH easier}
~ Thread & sewing machine
~ Ribbon or other fancy schmancy trim you may like.
{I am going to use the red pleated ribbon in the photo.}

I think that about covers the materials you need.
I'm going to give you until next Monday to get your goodies together,
just in case you are like me & either shop online or need the weekend
to get everything you need together.

If you have any questions,
please leave a comment & I will be sure to respond. me at signature dot creations at hotmail dot com.

I look forward to creating this with you!
Come on by the Facebook page & let me know if you are sewing-along with us!

{SIG}nature Creations

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