Thursday, January 17, 2013

{SIG} Sewing Tips ~ Scissors

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It's about time we started doing this!
Andrea and I have so much fun making the videos.
But I have to be honest, it is weird to see me in the video.

I make some crazy faces!
Why didn't anyone tell me?
So silly...that is how I feel.

But, I know that many of you are beginner sewers.
And you like to have tips to help you along the way.
This is why we have started a video series on our YouTube Channel.

I am no Martha Stewart.
And being in front of the camera is awkward.
But the tips are good.

Check out our first video in the series all about scissors.
I think you will like it.
We giggled.
Hopefully you will too AND come out a little more knowledgeable about scissors!

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