Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sugar Plum Market

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Craft fair season is upon us.
Andrea and I have been doing them for 2 years.
Somewhat of a success the first year.
Not so much the second year.

So, we are trying a whole new approach this year.
First, we are doing this solely as {SIG}nature Creations.
Before, Andrea had her own thang goin' on.
Since last year, we have joined forces.

And so you know, she is my partner in fabric crime.
My equal for sure.
Good to have such a wonderful person on my team!
Cuz God knows I wouldn't be able to do all this without her support.

Back to the point.
This year, we approached this whole thing differently.
We started by choosing only ONE market/fair to do this year.
Last year we were smart DUMB enough to take on three.

We figured doing a hodge podge of outfits and designs was not the way to go.
We heard all too often "I wish it were in this size".

This got us thinking.
We needed to make exclusive lines.
And the designing started.
We decided to go in this with Staci from Lily Lou Designs.

I have to say, the collaboration has been nothing short of AMAZING.
I am not joking.
The 3 of us work together so well.
After a couple of months of planning, ordering fabric, and now putting the final touches,
we are ready to tackle the Sugar Plum Market this weekend.

All these cuties are our children.
Thanks man it was tough taking photos to Staci for coming up with the idea
to get all the kids dressed up for an impromptu photo session.

From left to right
Preston & Lily (Staci's twins), Jude (Andrea's son), Ian, Sofi, & Gabi (Astrid's triplets)

Each of these outfits will be available this weekend.
Sizing from 12 months to 6.
Yes, we will be taking custom orders.
Yes, we are completely excited and really stressed.

If ya wanna meet us, come out & say hi!

Berry Center
Cypress, TX
Friday 2-6pm
Saturday 9-5pm

We hope to see you there!

{SIG}nature Creations

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