Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Organizing Patterns

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Trying to figure out how to organize patterns?
It took a while for me to figure it out.
And I didn't get this idea from anyone else.

I'm sure it has been used a million times.
So it isn't likely to be an original but it works really well for me.

It is a pretty simple system.
First, I bought a bunch of sheet protectors from Target.
{one of my fave all time stores}

Then I print out my patterns.
Do all the tracing for the sizes.
And on the white part of the protector, I write the name of the pattern.
Stuff the pattern in there.

I categorize my patterns in a file cabinet.

Anything else you can think of.
It is YOURS to customize.

Not too difficult.
Easy to keep up.
The sheet protectors keep everything pretty.

And that is it.
The file cabinet sits right under my sewing machines.
Easy access fo sho!

Now, go on and organize your patterns.
Oh, did I mention it was a cheap way to do so?
Yeah, not too shabby!

Have fun!

{SIG}nature Creations

1 comment:

DebiLou2011 said...

Another "cheap" idea for patterns... Once I print out my PDF patterns, I trace them on to old news papers. MUCH cheaper than buying the pattern paper from the store. And I make one pattern for each size, and store them in zip locks. :)

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