Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Scarfing we will go!

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Hi, ho the merry-o, a scarfing we will go!

Really, don't mind me.
It is the endless hours of watching the needle go up & down
that is making me a little crazy.
I promise!

I have to say that the scarves are booming.
I have them in all flavors.
Even in University of Texas
or Texas A&M (gasp) print.

How about the Texans?
Do you have another favorite team?
All I need is an order of 4 or more to get the fabric
to make your dream team scarf!

Team scarfs are a bit more than the others.
$17 for a skinny scarf (for all you ladies).
$22 for a flannel back scarf
(makes it reversible as well as a good scarf for the man in your life).

You know what to do if you are interested.
Just check out my Etsy store or email me at
I hope to hear from you!

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