Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair Clip/Bow Give-Away!

Pin It Hello my fellow friends & followers! I am going to make this an easy give-away. All you need to do is leave me a comment & tell me what your favorite diaper cake is & why. You will get a number assigned based on your posting order. One of my trio will pick a # from a hat & I will announce the winner on March 31st. Make sure to leave a way I can contact you if you win!

These are the 2 bows/clips I will be giving away. I know, not much for a 1st timer BUT there will be more give-aways so you will need to keep coming back.

Thanks for checking it out!


Christa @ Quintooples said...

I loved your first cake. Tricia's cake....but I also loved the bumble bee pink cake too! Both were SO cute, though the first was BEAUTIFUL, where the bumble bee one was just so adorable.....

Anonymous said...

I like your most recent cake the best. I love the colors and the simplicity. It's gorgeous!


Jeremy and Jen said...

Hi Astrid
I have followed you since you wer eon best rest thru TC and now check your blog daily. Really I think all your cakes are beautiful! You are extremely talented! I think my favorite would be the Bumble Gum cake. Keep up the great work!
proud mommy of triplets

Anonymous said...

My Favorite is the Bumble Gum cake! I love the bright colors. It's not your typical pastel colors for baby, and is very fun!!

LeAnn said...

I am a huge fan of the bubble gum. I am a sucker for pink whaqt can i say.. Great job on these cakes they are amazing..

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