Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Bumble Gum" ~ Pink & White w/ Bumble Bees

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I received an order from Felicia in FL for a cake like the "Candy Stripe" & b/c I do originals, I changed it up a bit but used the same pink striped ribbon. This time, instead of flowers, I used these really cute bumble bees that were on a ribbon which I found in the patio section of Hobby Lobby (yep, I think outside of the box). I also found card holders that matched the bumble bees. You will see it at the top of the cake. I was so excited about all these bumble bees, flowers & butterflies they had on ribbon that I bought several in different colors in hopes that I would be getting many orders in the near future.

Along w/ these cute decorations, I decided that I would also learn how to make simple hair bows on an aligator clip & include them as part of the cake. I'll be making 1-2 matching bows. This cake got 2 matching bows & you will see on the picture that there is 3 b/c I wanted to see how they looked. They turned out pretty well & give me something to do w/ the extra ribbon I always have left over. These bows can be used for the baby or even big sister, especially if the cake is for a boy. I have really cute boy ribbon that would be super sweet for the big sister to wear the day of baby brother's birth!

Included in this cake:
60 Pampers Swaddlers (sz 2)
1 photo/card holder
2 hairbows

Stay tuned during the next week where I will be giving away 2 hair bows!

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Norina said...

I think this is my favorite one yet!

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