Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dilemmas & a new order!

Pin It I have a new order for THREE cakes! I'm excited! The colors will be pink & dark purple. I already know of a ribbon at Hobby Lobby that I am going to use. I saw it there the last time & thought, "How pretty!" but b/c I didn't know anyone w/ those color schemes, I didn't get it. YAY!

The order is for 3 3-tier cakes. I'm toying around w/ how to do this since there are 3 cakes. I was thinking of making 1 all pink & white, 1 all purple & white & then the 3rd one a combination of the 2 other cakes. If you have opinions, please leave a comment.

Another issue I am having is that I am using Pampers Swaddlers for the cakes BUT everyone that has received one from me is keeping the cake as is so that IF they ever decide to disassemble it, the diapers will be too small for their babies. So, that brings about my new dilemma, should I continue to use the Pampers Swaddlers OR can I go to another brand that is a bit cheaper & lower my prices? Again, if you have an opinion, please share!


Jessica said...

I received a beautiful diaper cake from a friend with my 4th child. It was so pretty I hated to take it apart! So I used it as decoration in his room. By the time I had run out of diapers that were gifted to me at my baby shower, he was getting ready to go into size 2's. Since most new moms get lots of diapers at their shower (especially with the great bring some diapers win a door prize game that many do) I would suggest maybe going with a size 2 or 3 for the cakes. I'm not sure what size you use now.
Hey have you ever thought about doing some diaper wreaths with some tie dye or embellished prefold cloth diapers! I bet that would be AWESOME!!

Lauren said...

maybe you could do 2 pricing options... one for the "decorative" cakes w/ the cheaper diapers and then the more "usable" cake w/ the good stuff. the cakes are adorable btw!

Surviving Triplets said...

Jessica ~ I love that idea! I need to hook up w/ someone that makes cloth diapers. I really, really think that would be fun!


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