Thursday, September 15, 2011

{SIG} Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

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I tried to tell myself I was going to keep it all a secret.
I really, really did.
But I can't.

I was making Jude's corduroy country club pants with pockets
and have to share them because they are awesome!
I am not buying any jeans or bottoms for my kids this year.
And this is the reason why...

Yeah, I'm a little jealous that Andrea's son is wearing them.
But I can fix that problem...just make another pair for Ian!
But these are really killer!
I want to make some with knee patches/pads.

So cute!
And if you aren't a pocket lover, here are the flat front pants.

The boys in the photo shoot will be wearing these.
Andrew is another one of our boy models.
He gets the red pair.
Think teal & red together...yum!

I can't wait!
Enjoy the peak!

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