Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings...Photography

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{learning how to use my camera, I got this shot}

Yep, I almost forgot.
What I actually mean is that I woke up this morning,
knew I needed to take some pics of randomness
and then the day got away from me.

So, technically I did not forget.

Now I am scrambling for photos.
I have 1000 ideas but I didn't get any photos.
What is a girl to do?

Sort through photos.
Gobs & gobs of photos.

And then it dawned on me.
I'll ramble about photography.
I can honestly call it a hobby.

One I enjoy.
I just wish I knew more about my camera.
I seem to have a good eye for it.
But I know I need to learn me some photog skillz.

That, after all, was the purpose of purchasing Mamarazzi.
But like I mentioned before, I'm a hands on kind of girl.
Anyone want to teach me a little?

Until then, I'll have to go on instinct.
There is one important rule I try to follow.
This is probably the only thing I can say for sure.

The Rule of Thirds

I use it as much as possible although not always.
You will see it in much of what I do,
unless I am photographing an outfit on 'the fence'.

These are just a few of my fave all time photos.
I took them all.
Hardly any editing.

{my beautiful girls}

{grandma & grandson}

{i took a lot of this sweet boy}

{loved the pout & the baby}

{this photo won me a contest & I adore it, absolute one of my faves of all times}

{awesome action shot, I got lucky, and I need to frame it}

Believe you me, I had a ton more.
But I won't bore you with them.
Unless you ask for more, haha!

Now, as I learn more, I promise to share.
Everyone wants to know how to take a good photo.

Anything interesting you would like to know?
Leave me a comment!

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Nicole Ernst said...

Great shots! And as a professional photgrapher...I will say...start by mastering the rule of thirds...then as soon as you master it, break the rule every time! You will be amazed at the incredible photos you will get!

Astrid said...

Thank you Nicole! I would LOVE any tips you have. I really just need to take a class. I have been trying to read. Any recommendations on blogs?


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