Saturday, April 23, 2011

Team Linus Donations

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You know when something tugs at your heart?
Yeah, that feeling.
The one that doesn't let go.

Maybe b/c the calling is very near to you.
Yet so far away.
It haunts you day & night.

Because, it could be you.

We almost lost our son.
To see another family struggling,
albeit for a different reason,
still brings it too close to home.

Especially when that family is another triplet family.
Robbie & Trina are having to watch their son battle for his life.
All in the meantime, having 2 other sweet boys at home.

I was contacted by the coordinators to donate.
And of course, I jumped at the chance.
This is a local family & one that has 3 6 month old boys.

They need help.

That is all I needed to hear.
Andrea & I discussed what we would donate.
She was going to tackle one outfit,
I was going to tackle the other.

Andrea put this beauty together.
The beanie is from Miss Beanies n More.

Then it was my turn to anti up.
It all started w/ this fabric.
Gotta love Michael Miller Fabrics!

Here are my stencils made from the fabric.
I had to make several different sizes
to accommodate all size shirts.

As I cut out 1 guitar & placed it on the shirt alone,
it dawned on me.
I needed to represent all 3 boys.
Not just Linus.
1 color print for Linus,
another color print for Simon & Dexter.

And Linus' guitar needed a heart.
After all, he is fighting the fight of his life.

The heart looked plain.
I knew I needed to do something.
So the gears in my head started turning.


Broken Heart.


Linus needed a heart that was being mended,
not just a full nice, red heart.
Cuz that just wasn't accurate.

The finished Team Linus boy outfit rocks!

But that's not all...
Cuz if you know me,
you know I had to come up w/ a girl version.
So it began...

Introducing Team Linus Pink!

Team Linus Blue & Pink together...

$10 from each outfit will be given to Team Linus.
To read more about Linus, Simon, & Dexter,
go over to A Story of Two Moms.

Not only was a privileged enough to make these,
I also got to make the Team Linus coordinators shirts.
I am HONORED to have done it!
Thank you for the opportunity.

Astrid & The {A} Team

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