Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A twist on Baby Bop

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Now, my kids like Barney.
But I'm not sure I would dress them up
like the actual characters for Halloween.


When Kayla contacted me
about making Izzy something Baby Bop
for Halloween,
it was the perfect opportunity
to run w/ her vision!

We ended up with a green shirt (obviously),
a hot pink tutu, &
a matching bow.

To be added by Kayla,
a pair of green tights.

In my opinion,
the perfect alternative
to the costume.

And the best part?
Izzy can wear the shirt until she outgrows it!
And play with the tutu anytime she wants.

Money well spent!

1 comment:

Tricia Lynch said...

Love this! You are so talented :)

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