Monday, March 8, 2010

Tie Shirts for all occasions!

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Isn't Nic a doll!?!
Thanks for letting me use this pic Maryann!

Pick a tie,
any tie.

We don't make cute things
just for girls.

We make them
for boys as well!

Get one for the holidays.
Valentine's, St. Patty's Day,
Christmas, Thanksgiving...

You name the holiday
and it shall be done!

Or, support your fave team!
Any team!
Ours just happens to be
the Texas Longhorns.

Yep, our blood runs burnt orange
around these here parts.

we make them in maroon though,
not by choice.

Or get funky & rock out!

It's your call.
At only $15,
that ain't too bad!

1 comment:

Asher & Noah's Mommy said...

I will HAVE TO get a skull and cross bones one for Brewer!! That is just too cute!!!! I'm gonna make you RICH when my babies get here =)

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