Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adrienne LaBare Photography Session

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My friend in the cyberworld,
took another round of BEAUTIFUL shots for my tutus & bows.

Isn't she fantastic?
Isn't her model even more fantastic?
Look at that beautiful RED hair!

I sent her this pretty green & white tutu
b/c she thought it would be perfect to shoot
agains the black.

I doubted her.
I shouldn't have.
I though for sure you wouldn't be
able to see the green.

Jokes on me.

What I love even more?
She put it on a baby girl
AND, a little girl.

See, my tutus grow w/ age!
All for $15.
That ain't too bad.

Oh & aren't they CUTE w/ jeans?!?

And, check out the coordinating bow
for the hair.

Only $3.50 for this size!

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