Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A special project for a very special friend!

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Joy's Hope is addicting.
Because her projects aren't hard

Because she is an inspiration.
Her story & her love of life is amazing.

Most of all, it inspires me to give to others.
For this project, I could only think of one person.
A dear friend that has struggled w/ pregnancy loss & infertility.

She is the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful & caring human being.
She deserves more but has been dealt a pretty harsh card.
So they decided to adopt.

Then came the nursery theme,
The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

there is fabric that matches the illustrations from the book!
My inspiration.

She asked for me to put "DREAM" on there.
Because her dream was coming true this year.
She would have a child in her arms by Christmas.

So very exciting!
This is it.

I hope she loves it.
All I want is for Brandi's dreams to come true.
This is the year.


1 comment:

CarrieV said...

What a creative idea! That is such a fun book. Any child would love it!

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