Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun Coffee Cozies

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My friend sent me a tutorial.
Gotta love me some tutorials.
Especially when they are online & FREE.

Who doesn't love free?

Anyway, this is the finished product.
I'd like to send some out there, free.
For a test run.

Matching scarf & coffee cozy anyone?


Jenn said...

Those are so cute Astrid! How much will you be selling them for?


Surviving Triplets said...

Jenn ~ I'm thinking for a non personalized coffee cozy, about $7 & for a personalized, $10. Does that sound fair & something you would pay for? If not, let me know what you think is reasonable!g

Jenn said...


I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I just started a new job and totally forgot I commented on this. I think that is a very fair price. Can you contact me directly at so we can discuss further.



CarrieV said...

Love the personalized cozies, even for a non-coffee drinker, but maybe on a water bottle. Too cute!

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