Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tutus now for sale!

Pin It So, I started making tutus just for my girls & others having b-days but I just got in a 5 tutu order so I think this is officially putting me in the tutu business! I am selling them for $15 which I *think* is fairly reasonable. This is for a plain ol' tutu up to 2 colors. From that point on, $2 will be added for the 3rd color & then $1 for additional colors. The pricing goes...

$15 ~ Tutu w/ 1-2 colors
$17 ~ Tutu w/ 3 colors
$18 ~ Tutu w/ 4 colors
$19 ~ Tutu w/ 5 colors
$20 ~ Tutu w/ 6 colors

Please contact me if you are interested at Here are some of the tutus I have made!

I can also make matching hairbows for the tutu as well as adding an adornment to the tutu such as a bow or flower. You let me know!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute Astrid! I think I'll be ordering some for a few birthday girls in the next few weeks!


Surviving Triplets said...

YAY! Please do! You let me know the colors. I'll make some matching bows also.

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