Monday, April 20, 2009

Lovely Yellow ~ Donating the cake!

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Helene, a friend from an online community I am part of, Triplet Connection, emailed me to see if I would be interested in donating a cake to her children's preschool for their big fundraiser. I figure it is a good opportunity to help another triplet mommy out & to also give the school, Agudas Achim Preschool, a nice item for their auction. Along w/ the cake, I am making some bow clips. This is the 1st of 2 cakes I am donating for a cause. I'm so excited!

So, here is the cake that I have created for Agudas Achim Preschool's fundraiser. We went neutral colors for obvious reasons.

Top tier: I did something a little different this time & actually used some hot glue to put the yellow "jewels" (or what ever they are technically called, LOL) on the ribbon.

Top view: Here is the cake looking down on it.

I will be posting pictures of the ribbons as well in the next day or 2. The other good thing about this opportunity is that I have to ship the cake & will have the opportunity to see how it goes. If it arrives in 1 piece, I will begin to offer shipping on my cakes! I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake Astrid! I'll be excited to here if your cakes ship well. If so, I'll be ordering one!!!


Annie said...

The yellow cake look precious. That's a great opportunity to you to advertise your diaper cake.

Have a nice week.

Texas Gal said...

Very sweet of you - and I LOVE the yellow as it is my favorite color! I hope it makes them lots of money. Good luck on the shipping!

Laura said...

Hi Astrid,
I'm one of the moms from the Agudas Achim Preschool here in Columbus, Ohio. My daughter is in the classroom with Helene's triplets. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation - I can't wait to see the cake!!! What an amazing idea! All of us moms who are working on the fundraiser for the preschool are super impressed and we wish you so much mazel (luck) on your business! :) Laura

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